Healthy nutrition - healthy nation!

For the period of restrictive measures, tables in all dining rooms are placed at a distance of 2 meters, seating at the table is limited to 4 people, with the exception of members of one family.

It is known that the criterion of quality of rest is the organization of nutrition. Nutrition in the sanatorium is one of the main component of sanatorium-resort treatment and patients’ rest. In this regard, the main purpose of nutrition in the sanatorium is to strengthen the health of vacationers and the prevention of diseases.

There are three meals a day is organized for vacationers, oriented both for adults and for children. Dietetic nutrition is envisaged as prescribed by the doctor. A daily changing, well-balanced menu offers a wide range of dishes. High-quality natural, environmentally friendly products are used for cooking. There are fresh vegetables and fruits, meat and fish dishes, herbs, vitamin salads all year round on the tables.

There are 4 food halls in the sanatorium for the convenience of vacationers. Respectable types of dining rooms with excellent table setting, friendly staff will no doubt create a good mood.