Rules of stay

in the "Sosnovy Bor" sanatorium

Rules of stay in the sanatorium.


  1. The hotel complex of the “Sosnovy Bor” sanatorium is intended for vacationers to stay for the period of the provision of sanatorium-resort services.
  2. Accommodation of guests in the sanatorium is carried out upon the provision of an identity card and a sanatorium-resort voucher.
  3. Check-in and check-out is done strictly according to the dates indicated in the voucher. Vacationers are required to comply with the estimated time and check out at the time of departure. Checkout time – 10:00 h. Check-in at 12:00 h.
  4. Guests are required to comply with the established procedure and rules of residence in the sanatorium.
  5. Comply with fire safety rules and the rules for using electrical appliances. In the event of a malfunction of any appliances, immediately notify the administrator or the maid on the floor. In case of violation of the rules of residence, fire safety, the sanatorium administration has the right to refuse the Guest to continue living without compensation for unused days.
  6. Leaving the room, be sure to turn off electrical appliances, lighting, close windows, window panes, lock entrance doors. Please note that the sanatorium administration is not responsible for the safety of your personal property left unattended in unlocked rooms.
  7. It is not recommended to invite strangers into the room, leave the guests alone in the room, hand over the keys, leave the room door open, leave the guests overnight without the permission of the administration.
  8. It is forbidden to keep animals, birds, reptiles, etc. in the room.
  9. In the sanatorium premises SMOKING IS FORBIDDEN, except for places specially designated for smoking, raising open flames, using pyrotechnics, and handicraft appliances.
  10. Guests are liable for the lost or damaged property of the sanatorium received for temporary use. If such an event happened, you must contact the administrator and reimburse the full cost of the lost (damaged) property.
  11. The sanatorium forbids the use and possession of drugs, explosives, weapons, chemical and bacterial preparations that pose a threat to the health and life of citizens.
  12. In the period from 23:00 to 07:00 hours, the sanatorium is set to silence. Please respect the guests of the sanatorium and not create inconvenience with loud music, other noise.
  13. The administration of the sanatorium has the right to refuse service to a Guest who is in alcohol or drug intoxication.
  14. Vacationers are required to timely and fully pay for the provided services.
  15. We recommend you not to leave children unattended, do not allow them access to the balcony and stairs unaccompanied by adults.
  16. The sanatorium has a video surveillance system. Please note the fact of using cameras in the sanatorium premises.
  17. The movement and location of motor vehicles of vacationers in the sanatorium is prohibited, except for cases for loading / unloading baggage for up to 30 minutes.